I have over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry which include Market Access Services. My educational background consist of a dual doctoral degree (MDPhD) as a physician-scientist from Baylor College of Medicine. I have a Ph.D. in pharmacology with a primary focus on pharmakinetics, which is the movement of a drug throughout the body. 
My extensive experience in pharmacology from the pre-clinical development to the marketplace has allowed me to partner with life science organizations worldwide to develop, capture and communicate the clinical and economic evidence required to substantiate the value of a product and to optimize market access and commercial success. My knowledge in research and consulting services and products are driven by world-class science and thought leadership which leverage a unique combination of capabilities in health economics, outcomes research, market access, data analytics. 

With my experience in helping clients establish pricing for their products has been a tremendous asset in moving their product to market sooner. This was implemented by the review of market analysis, trend reports, target market profiles, customer surveys, and past performance reports on other company products to determine the value of your product in the marketplace. 
Additionally, I have lead and trained a team of individuals who researched competition in target marketplaces to determine if our client product meets, exceeds or falls below available products. We visited competitor websites, and read reviews of competitor products to determine how the product measures up and how it may be received by consumers. 

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