• Develop strategy for government payers, health plans physician groups, medical centers, etc.

• Field-based/country-specific teams that establish and maintain relationships with key payers early in the product launch window


• Develop global pricing and reimbursement strategy (includes pricing bands, launch order) for launch products, and monitor over time

 • Determine contracting/net price strategy

• develop and execute reimbursement support and patient assistance services to ensure patient access to product

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Bezalho Health LLC,  is a consulting market access company that provide reimbursement solutions to pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Our expertise and extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical and medical device markets offers understanding of the complex payer and market access environment and what it takes to be successful in strategy and implementation. With a market approach of managing specific stakeholders such as, patient, physician, payer, groups and distributors. Our operations is evidence- based medicine with the highest ethical standard.

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provided CONSULTing services to numerous companies in the DC, VA., and MD. areas.

bezalho health llc

"Providing global access to drug and medical device therapy to patients"

The global pharmaceutical market reached close to $1.1 trillion in 2015, according to IMS institute for Healthcare informatics. The market will increase at a compound annual growth rate of  3–6% during the next 5 years. Small pharmaceutical companies are making some of the biggest innovations in the healthcare industry. With the primary focus on niche markets and therapeutic areas, these small companies have a significant impact on patients. From treating illnesses that affect only a handful of the population to focusing entirely on one disease state, these companies are showing how a targeted approach can get results. 
BeZalho Health, LLC, provides small pharmaceutical companies the option to better incorporate payer perspectives in drug development and commercial decision making by increasing strict payer evidence requirements and intense competition so that companies are able to develop stronger value propositions. These challenges can be addressed as follows: 
1. Payer needs in clinical development for new and existing drugs

2. Devise and test global and local pricing and reimbursement strategies that maximize ROI

3. Provide insight of the complex payer and market access environment.


• Communicate outcomes and pricing decisions with payers and government

• Form and/or align with patient groups for effective reimbursement strategy Develop creative ways to shorten the interval between prescriber determination and prescription fulfillment.